NYC Hotel Terrace Marriage Proposal ● Lori + Scott

February 14, 2016

What an epic proposal! This surprise started long before the actual proposal. Scott knew how much his girlfriend of four years, Lori, loved fashion and Fashion Week was coming up here in NYC. So, he surprised her with a trip here from Arizona! They spent their days going to different runway shows. Then, he worked with the folks at the W Hotel to come up with an amazing (and totally believable) flyer he presented her that detailed a special “Fashion Week Hotel Package” that included a photographer for several hours. The gist was the photographer would follow Lori and Scott around the city, paparazzi-style, and taking photos along the way. We traveled from the hotel to Central Park and Times Square.

Then…it was time for dinner. Scott led Lori out to the terrace of the Extreme Wow Suite (yes, that’s really what it’s called!) where a table was set up for an intimate dinner for two. He started making a toast, and then got out of his chair and down on his knee. Lori was so, so surprised! It was amazing!!

Huge props to Scott for keeping his cool in the hours and days beforehand while here in NYC. We had an entire, long engagement-style photoshoot before he even proposed, and he was so chill the whole time. I was really impressed!

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