Joanne + Chris ● Eloping in NYC

June 22, 2013

Joanne and Chris came to New York City from their hometown of London to be married at the the Dene Summer House (also known as the Treehouse for Dreaming) in Central Park. Together for over a decade, they have three children together and decided to make it official by eloping! I was honored to be their official witness as well as their photographer.

They came to NYC in January, and the day they got married was one of the coldest days this past winter. Brrr!! Just thinking about it gives me shivers, and I was lucky enough to wear my coat the whole time! A boatload of bonus points to Chris and especially to Joanne, who willingly de-coated for the whole ceremony. As a point of reference, it was hovering around the 15 degree mark that day (not including the wind chill).

My officiant pal Sarah Ritchie performed the ceremony, bringing along cake and champagne for the happy couple. Afterwards we took a few photos in the park 🙂

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