Christmas Wedding at Rockefeller Center ● Jillian + Trent

August 13, 2016

Jillian and Trent came to NYC from their home in Pennsylvania to be married by Sarah Ritchie a week before Christmas – in Rockefeller Center! This is certainly no easy feat, but we got it done! They wanted to get married in the Rockefeller Garden, which has a prime view of the Christmas tree behind the ice skating rink. We had to time the ceremony very carefully – Saks 5th Avenue, which is directly across the street, has an amazing light show that is displayed on the front of their large, block-wide building. It is played every ten minutes during the holiday season, and a crowd gathers for every single showing. There is a two to three minute grace period between each show where the crowd will disperse for a time. Sarah had three minutes to conduct the ceremony, and she did great!

We started at the beautifully decorated Lotte New York Palace Hotel, where Jillian and Trent were staying, and continued on to Rockefeller Center for more photos and the ceremony. We had so much fun! Congratulations to Jillian and Trent!

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