Central Park Elopement in Shakespeare Garden ● Aurelie + Julien

June 7, 2016

I met this couple through the lovely Assetou over at New York Paris Connection. Assetou specializes in event planning for folks who are visiting NYC from France. I’ve worked with her several times and each time has been a delight!

This time around it was the Shakespeare Garden elopement of Aurelie and Julien. The Shakespeare Garden in Central Park is beautiful – so many blooming flowers, and a very calming feeling as you walk through. “The garden features flowers and plants mentioned in Shakespeare’s poems and plays and is designed to resemble the Bard’s native English countryside. The garden’s diverse array of plants, including columbine, primrose, wormwood, quince, lark’s heel, rue, eglantine, flax and cowslip, are accompanied by small plaques featuring quotes from Shakespearean works that reference the garden’s flowers.” (source)

Aurelie and Julien held a private ceremony in the garden, officiated by Reverend Monique-Marie Bray. The ceremony was conducted in French and was beautiful!

After the ceremony, we walked around the park a little bit to take some more photos. We finished at Bethesda Fountain, which is, I think, the most popular “go-to” spot in the park. 🙂

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