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Ricardo + Mario ● New York City Hall Wedding Photographer

August 3, 2012

As the Beatles once famously said: all you need is love.

Ricardo and Mario came all the way from Mexico with two of their closest friends to be married in NYC. The three of us had clicked early on (they were charmed by my deer stories) and I knew the day would be a lot of fun.

Immediately after the ceremony, the room was filled with emotion. It was a long-awaited victory mixed with pure joy. When we exited the ceremony room Ricardo and Mario were met with applause from (literally!) dozens of people. It was absolutely amazing!

And this, my friends, is why I love photographing weddings. Every day is different, every couple is different, every detail is different – but at the base of it all, it’s all about love.

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    Thank you Laura!!!
    We were very lucky to find you.
    All our friends back at Mexico loved your work as much as we did.
    You are a very talented and reliable professional!!
    Let us know if you ever want to visit Mexico, is not as bad as it might seem on the news LOL. R&M

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