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Christiane + Todd ● New York City Wedding Photographer

June 14, 2012

merci-new-yorkChristiane and Todd’s wedding was recently featured on Merci New York. You can check out the feature here!

You may remember Christiane and Todd from their City Hall wedding back in April. They had “semi-eloped” but were planning a big celebration for family and friends in May. Their celebration was simply amazing. The venue was Location 05 Studios, which typically serves as photo studio space but also does events like weddings. Location 05 Studios had just moved to their new space on West 34th Street, and this was the first big wedding in the new space. It’s a photographer’s dream – the space was all white, there was TONS of natural light, and there was even an infinity wall!

These two were so easy to photograph, and so clearly in love with each other. I had so much fun running around and capturing tons of candid moments. Christiane and Todd had decided to do a first look, and I loved the spontaneity of it – Christiane was done getting ready, and decided at that moment to go surprise Todd. So she left her room and casually sauntered to where Todd was with his friends (which may or may not have been at the bar). It was a completely impromptu and happy moment. Sighhh. :)

It was a NYC-themed wedding, with Christiane’s wedding party wearing black with yellow accents, small taxi cabs as decorative pieces, and a Brooklyn Bridge wedding cake. Can you tell how excited I am about this wedding yet? LOL There was so much awesomeness and creativity. The flawless organizing was done by JPO Concepts and I couldn’t say enough good things about them!

Oh, and Christiane’s gown had POCKETS! Brilliant!

I hope you all enjoy this wedding as much as I enjoyed shooting it!

Wedding Gown Hanging Up by Window
Bridal Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet
All White Wedding Details
Bridal Updo
Wedding at Location 05 Studios
Wedding Dress with Pockets
Sunflower Bridesmaids Bouquets
Bridesmaids Details
Wedding First Look
Bride and Groom in Freight Elevator
Groomsmen Candid
Bridesmaids and Bride
NYC Wedding Party
Mad Men Wedding Photo
Location 05 Studios Wedding Photography
Location 05 Studios Bride and Groom
Location 05 Studios Wedding Ceremony
Location 05 Studios Ceremony Details
Location 05 Studios Wedding Processional
All White Wedding
Personalized Wedding Vows
Couple Wrote Their Own Vows
Bride at Location 05 Studios
Marriage at Location 05 Studios
Wedding Kiss
Location 05 Studios Wedding
Private Wedding Toast
Brooklyn Bridge Wedding Cake
Wedding First Dance
Bridesmaid Details
Reception at Location 05 Studios
Wedding Candid of Guests
Party at Location 05 Studios
A modern Manhattan wedding


5 Responses

  1. Katie Jane says:

    What a gorgeous wedding! Love how bright this is! And love their NYC theme!

  2. […] and reception for family and friends next month (*Updated!* You can see their big celebration here!), but wanted to do something more intimate in advance of the “big” […]

  3. Katie D says:

    I don’t know if it’s because the people at the wedding are so gosh darn good looking, or if you’re just the best photographer in the country, but this is my favorite shoot of yours. It’s gorgeous. This is the umpteenth time I’ve checked it out. I’m obsessed.

  4. Katie D says:

    I don’t know if it’s because the people in this wedding party are so gosh darn good looking, or if it’s because you’re the greatest photographer in all the land, but I’m obsessed with this shoot. I’ve looked at it umpteen times now, and I still love it.

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