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Progress ● Resolutions for 2012

June 9, 2012

Today I’ll be second shooting at what is guaranteed to be a beautiful wedding, and it’s in the midst of what has turned out to be an incredibly busy month for me. Since it’s already June (!), I thought it’d be a good idea to check in with myself on the resolutions I set forth in the beginning of the year.

Here are my resolutions – let’s see how I did…

1. Blog more
I said I wanted to blog three times a week, and for awhile that was going really well! Then with the introduction of some (good!) life changes, I found myself with less time, and unfortunately let the blogging slide a bit. And now it’s a matter of being busy enough where I need to prioritize finishing each shoot’s edits before it becomes uncontrollable. It’s constantly on my mind though, so that’s a good thing.

2. Update my website, then update it again and again
I’ve done pretty well with this, all things considered. I’ve put up fresh content, added some galleries, changed my bio up a bit, and also had my own photo shoot so that I could use those photos on my bio page (and Facebook and blog and whatever else) as well.

3. Find ways to streamline as much as possible
I’m getting better at this. I’ve finally broken down and am trying out all the various studio management platforms available out there to see what will be the best fit. Right now I’m kind of digging Tave and I’m hoping this change will make me more efficient during every step of the way with each client.

4. Spend more time with clients
I’m really trying with this one! And yet I feel like it’s never enough.

5. Blog with Pinterest in mind.
Ha! Oh man. After I wrote this that whole Pinterest drama with its terms and conditions came up. Some crazy d-rams! I guess I still do blog thinking about Pinterest, but I’m also just trying to make myself as social media friendly as possible. I’m now on Instagram and of course have my Twitter and Facebook page.

This is a whole long work in progress. With that said – overall this has been an amazing six months. I feel really Patty Positive about my business and where it’s headed. I’ve got a lot of awesome weddings coming up, with so many unique and fun couples.

So, hooray! And to end this, here’s a picture I took recently in Williamsburg.


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