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Christiane + Todd ● NYC City Hall Wedding Photographer

April 16, 2012

Christiane and Todd did a sweet semi-elopement at City Hall. I say “semi-elopement” because they are actually having a ceremony and reception for family and friends next month (*Updated!* You can see their big celebration here!), but wanted to do something more intimate in advance of the “big” day.

Unlike Anita and Sean’s wedding, City Hall was pretty crowded on the day Christiane and Todd went. But never fear – we were still able to rock it out (there will always be rocking out with whatever I shoot – this is my goal) and get lots of shots that make it seem like they were the only ones there.

It was a beautiful day, and after the ceremony some quick shots around the area, we headed up to the venue that will be hosting their big wedding next month to scope it out. (PS – it’s GORGEOUS!)

Christiane and Todd came by way of a recommendation by Amy and Douglas, and I’m honored they chose me as their wedding photographer (and asked for me to serve as the official witness for their City Hall ceremony). I CANNOT wait for next month!!


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  2. Very nice and happy couple, we can see that. Thanks for sharing.

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