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Words of Wisdom Wednesday ● How to Deal with Awful Weather

November 16, 2011

Yes, it does happen. And yes, it’s unfair. I’m sure for many couples, one of the biggest concerns on their wedding day is the weather. So what should you do if the weather blows on your wedding day?

Have a backup plan.

If you were planning to get married on the beach and a hurricane is blowing in, make sure you have some spot you and your guests can retreat to. Always have some sort of backup plan – rent a tent or secure an alternate, indoor space for use “just in case.” It may cost more, but it’s worth peace of mind, and also it’s best to not have to scramble at the last minute. I had one couple who were married on the shore of Lake Carmel, and rented a tent since the weather called for rain. The day turned out to be gorgeous (Murphy’s Law!), and the tent in no way took away from the gorgeousness of their wedding.

How do you turn this…

Into this?

Discuss options with your photographer.

If you had planned to do all your formal shots outside, and a freak blizzard strikes, discuss other alternatives with your photographer. I recently had an experience with a couple who were married on Oct. 29th – the day of the freak snowstorm in the Northeast. The wind and snow were awful, but the couple was amazing. We didn’t get any photos outside on that day, but we ended up meeting up two weekends later, on a much nicer day, with the couple in their wedding attire. They ended up getting the shots they wanted, and ultimately it doesn’t matter what day they were taken on.

There’s always a silver lining.

Sometimes the best photos are the ones that are created out of unexpected events. A stormy sky can create a dramatic background for wedding photos. At high noon, a cloudy day is actually best for lighting purposes. With a skilled photographer and a positive outlook, your photos will turn out beautiful no matter what the situation.

The MOST important thing – try your hardest NOT to freak out.

The tone of the entire day is set by the couple and how they react to things. It’s a heavy burden to carry, but it’s true. If you freak out, people around you will freak out, thus making you freak out even more, and then it’s a vicious cycle of freak out-ness. In the end, all that matters is that you are marrying the love of your life, and no amount of weather can or should take that joy away from you :)


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