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Words of Wisdom Wednesday ● What to Wear for your Engagement Photos

August 17, 2011

In an effort to blog more consistently I’ve decided to do a weekly post on advice/how to for couples/people getting photographed. I’m starting off with tips on dressing for an engagement session, since that is one of the most common questions I’m asked. So here goes!

First off, dress for the scenery and the mood you want to evoke. What appeals to you more, shots in Central Park or shots in the Meatpacking District? Central Park is more traditional and romantic, while Meatpacking is more edgy and modern. What you’d wear to an engagement shoot in Central Park would not necessarily be what you’d wear to an engagement shoot in the Meatpacking District.

Secondly, it’s important to make sure that your outfits don’t clash with each other. And I’m not saying they have to be matchy-matchy (too much matching isn’t good either!) :)

This next point is a very important one: comfortable shoes! Wear ‘em or bring ‘em and change for the shots themselves, but you’re going to find yourself walking a LOT. Comfortable shoes are a must! Liz wore flip flops as we walked to each location, but for the shots themselves she was wearing some super sassy heels.

To change up an outfit quickly and easily I suggest dressing in layers, and bringing accessories that can be removed/added (such as a belt and scarf). If you’re talented enough, you can also bring a change of clothes with you and with some clever conniving, change once you hit a new location.

Finally, dress for yourself. With all these tips in mind, the most important one is to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. Maybe you have a favorite outfit that makes you feel amazing. And honestly, it can be a dress or jeans and a shirt. The point I’m trying to make is that if you’re wearing clothes that you aren’t comfortable in, it’ll show. Don’t wear a dress if you never wear them day to day. The more comfortable you are, both mentally and physically, the better the photos will come out.


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