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Christie + Tom ● Delaware Wedding Photography

November 16, 2010

Christie and Tom were married in Delaware, at the Ashland Nature Center within the Delaware Nature Society, which is a beautiful place! This was the first wedding the Center hosted.

Christie gave her bridesmaids personalized necklaces with a note written on ribbon within a locket. Needless to say there were tears!

It was about this time that I realized just how much fun the wedding would be. The bride and her bridesmaids were very relaxed. :)

Did I mention the bride rode to the ceremony on a horse? Did I say how awesome this wedding was yet??

This little girl was so cute – I had to include her!

When the power went out, the bride and groom danced to car lights illuminating the lawn. :)

Phew! I daresay this was the most relaxed, yet detail-oriented wedding I have been to. And the horse…!


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